Licensing error message when invoking Legrand CRM desktop application


A license file can become damaged due to a number of reasons.  Most likely causes are a power failure, a network failure, shutting down the computer while Legrand CRM is still running, closing down a remote desktop session while Legrand CRM is still running, or a Windows software update that requires a restart while Legrand CRM is running.


To resolve this you need to replace the damaged license file with a valid license file.

You can either uninstall & re-install Legrand CRM software – a process that will take some time – or you can navigate to the folder where the license file is located and simply replace it with a new license file.

Step 1 – Make note of your registration details

After you have replaced the damaged license file you will need to re-register your license, so before anything, first make note of your current registration details, i.e. site number, serial number and site administrator email. 

This information is displayed in the Legrand CRM login screen

Step 2 – Obtain a blank license file

Contact your Legrand CRM Solutions Partner or Legrand directly to obtain a blank license file for your version of Legrand CRM.   

Once you have obtained a blank license file keep a copy if it in a known location so that you can re-use if the problem occurs again in the future.

Step 3 – License file location

The folder location of the license file will depend on your Windows version:-

Windows XP:                     C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Legrand Software
Windows 7 or 8:                C:\ProgramData\Legrand Software

Please note that the "Application Data" folder in Windows XP and the “C:\ProgramData “  folder in Windows 7 and 8 are hidden folders.  If you cannot view the folder, you will need to go into folder properties in Windows Explorer and allow for hidden folders to be displayed.

To make hidden folders visible (in Windows 7 and 8), go to the Organize menu in Windows Explorer, select ‘Folder and search options’ from the menu.  In the ‘Folder Options’ screen select the ‘View’ tab, then select the ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives’ option.



Step 4 – Replace the damaged license file

Navigate to the folder location; delete or rename the damaged license file, and copy the blank license file to that folder. 

The name of the license file will depend on which version of Legrand CRM you are running

Legrand CRM v6:                       legrand6.lic
Legrand CRM PRO v5:             legrand.lic
Legrand CRM CORP v5:          legrandcorp.lic

Step 5 – Re-register your license details

Start Legrand CRM and in the login screen click on the ‘Register License’ button to re-register your license.