When using Terminal Server access to Legrand CRM you may run into a ‘locked license file’ or ‘license file in use’ message.


Every time a user logs into Legrand CRM the application applies a lock on that person’s license file. The license locks are located in the License sub-folder in the LegrandCommon shared folder on the server.


When the user logs out the lock is released.                                                                                                                                        

If the lock is not released then that user will not be able to log in the next time but will see the message “License in use”.

A license file can become locked or damaged due to a number of reasons. Most likely causes are a power failure, a network failure, shutting down the computer while Legrand CRM is still running, closing down a remote desktop session while Legrand CRM is still running, or a Windows software update that requires a restart while Legrand CRM is running.


To resolve this you need to release the lock on the license file.

A very simple solution is to restart the server – this will release any locked files – but is often not practical.

If you are the admin on the server where the License folder is located you can use the Windows in-built feature:

    1. Start → My Computer → Right-click → Manage gets you to the Computer Management console

    2. In the left navigation pane, go to Systems Tools → Shared Folders

    3. Here you can view Shares, Sessions & Open Files. This allows you to find out who has opened which files from which workstations.

    4. Go to the Licenses sub-folder in the LegrandCommon directory and find the license file that is locked. Then simply right-click to bring up a menu to unlock the file.