From within the Company and also Contact Module the option custom menu is available.

The custom menu can be invoked from the drop down menu at the top of a Company or Contact record.

A custom menu is an action that can either:-

  • Open up a web link / URL

  • Execute a program 

  • Open a file or folder

  • Execute a SQL stored procedure  

You can pass up to 5 parameters to the action that you are invoking.

For instance if you want to perform a Google Search on a company in your CRM database you could do that with the URL

where CompanyName is the name of the company you want to look up in Google.

Rather than type this into your browser you can create a custom menu action that will open your web browser using the URL{1}

where {1} is a parameter that is replaced by the name of the company you are currently viewing in CRM.

For example if you have a prospect and you’d like to perform some pre-qualification before speaking directly with them you can invoke a Google search on their name.

In the example below I am only using 1 parameter {1} searching for the company name in the Google search engine.                       

You can also use the Custom Menu to invoke programs on your computer.
For instance below is a simple example that will bring up the Windows calculator program.