Legrand CRM is licenced on a per-machine basis for desktop clients and is locked to a specific machine when it is first registered. When replacing a machine by a new one the licence needs to be released from the old machine and re-registered on the replacement. This document describes the process.

Unregistering from the old PC:

  1. Start Legrand CRM but do not login. Make a note of the site & serial numbers and registration email addresses from the screen: 

  2. Click the Transfer Licence button.

  3. Click on ‘Un-register licence’.

    The licensing server will then be contacted and the licence released:

If the old PC is not available:

Should the previous PC be unavailable due to failure, theft or other reason, please contact support2@legrandcrm.com quoting the site number and serial number or registered user email. We will then be able to perform a manual release of the licence to enable the serial number to be used on replacement machine.

Registering on the new PC:

This is the same process as was performed when Legrand CRM was initially installed. Following installation of the client start Legrand CRM to the login screen:

Enter the saved serial & site numbers, the site administrator’s email and the end user details, then click the Register Licence button. The licensing server will again be contacted and will lock the licence to the new machine.

The login screen will then reappear and the end user can work as normal.