Once you have installed the Legrand Outlook AddIn and it is visible in Outlook:

  1. Click on Connect.

  2. Click on Select to define a new connection or select an existing one.

  3. Click on Add New.

  4. Choose your connection type. If you are a CORP customer who wishes to access Legrand CRM outside of the office, please select Private Server. Otherwise, please select SQL Server

  5. Set up your connection details:

    SQL Server connection:

    You can obtain your connection details from the Legrand CORP CRM login screen.
    In the login screen, click on Select, choose the database you are connecting to, then click Edit

    The details on this page and your Outlook AddIn connection page need to be the same.

    Your Login Email is the email you used to set up your Legrand CRM login. This can be found on the Legrand CRM login page.

    Private Server connection:

    The Connection Name can be of your personal choice and is used to identify the connection. E.g. “My web edition connection.”

    The connection URL is the web address of the ‘Web Edition’ login page.

    Note: Please make sure to include the port number in the URL. If you do not have access to the Web Edition page yet, please contact your IT administrator.

    Your Login Email is the email you used to set up your Legrand CRM login. This can be found on the Legrand CRM login page.

  6. Click Test Connection to ensure that the Legrand Outlook AddIn can successfully communicate to the database.

  7. If the details are correct, click on Save, then Select this connection. 

  8. Set up your Outlook AddIn login details.

    Note: The sign in process for the latest Outlook AddIn (v5.3) is different to previous versions, where you signed into the Legrand Outlook AddIn using your Legrand CRM sign-in password. For security purposes, you now need to set up a new password for the Outlook AddIn within Legrand CRM. This can be the same login password if desired however we recommend you to use a different password.

    In Legrand CRM, navigate to Administration > Manager Users > User Accounts.

    Select your account from the active users list, and tick the checkbox Has Web Access.

    Enter your desired password to login to the Outlook AddIn, retype it in the Confirm Web Pwd field and then click Exit to save these details.

Congratulations, your Outlook AddIn is now setup!
You can now sign in into the Legrand Outlook AddIn using this new password and your Legrand CRM login email.