The Legrand Outlook AddIn is a great productivity tool. It provides a CRM panel inside Outlook. You can transfer emails, view recent contact history, add activity notes and create new opportunities all within your inbox.


Using Legrand Outlook AddIn with an existing CRM Contact




When you view an email in Outlook that is from a contact who already exists in your Legrand CRM, the CRM panel will display the CRM information for that contact including recent activity notes, tasks, calendar appointments and opportunities.


From the CRM panel in Outlook, you can add information to any of these by simply clicking the  symbol.


Calendar appointments can be viewed from within this screen but any editing of calendar events must be done from the calendar tab in outlook, or from the calendar tab in Legrand CRM. 

To transfer the selected email to your CRM click on the  symbol and you will have 2 options:

1. Quick Transfer :Transfers the email to the contact as an activity note using the email subject as the activity note title. For example, if the email was named “Re: Follow Up”, the email would appear in Legrand CRM as an activity note named “Re: Follow Up”.


2. Advanced Transfer : Allows you to change specific activity note details such as title, let you assign the email to a different or more than one contact, and can link the email to an existing opportunity in your CRM.




 The gear icon is your settings menu. From here you can:

· Log Off the Outlook AddIn

· Set up and view your calendar setting so Legrand CRM calendar can sync with your Outlook Calendar

· Start a manual calendar sync between Legrand CRM and Outlook

· View your Outlook AddIn account settings


To the right of the cogwheel icon, the Outlook AddIn also displays current server connection with Legrand CRM, e.g. ‘connected to SQL server’, ‘connected to private cloud server’, and ‘connected the cloud server’.


Using Legrand Outlook AddIn with an nonexistent CRM Contact



When you view an email in Outlook from someone who is not a contact in the CRM, you will be presented with 3 options: