All company interaction can be found in this section as you can see we can see all the following; 

Calendar Events – These are all the appointments between your organisation and the company
Activity Notes – This records all interaction between your organisation and the company
Tasks – This records any task that you need to undertake for the company
Opportunities – Any potential sales activity and closed sales activity can be found back here
Campaigns – This shows if this company has been targeted for a specific campaign and if they responded
Transactions – This gives you an overview of the MYOB EXO Sales invoices and header


Every interaction that you record against a company can be seen by all in the various tabs.

If more detail is required in most cases simply highlighting the record and double click or right mouse click and select 'Drill Down'


Each Tab offers a a sorting function on each column header, which allows the information to be sorted in ascending  or descending ▼ order - simply click on the header to change the direction of the sort.

Calendar Events

Calendar Events are events scheduled to happen on a certain date at a certain time, i.e. scheduled meeting. Calendar Events will appear in the Calendar module. 

Activity Notes are recordings of chronological and historical events. Activity Notes include details of what has happened. They can be categorized for reporting purposes i.e. Email in, Email out, Phone call - outbound, Phone call - inbound, Sales Follow up call or Meeting details. Calendar Events, are events scheduled to happen on a certain data at a certain time, i.e. scheduled meeting. 

Emails can be imported from Outlook App. Emails display with correct html formatting, new feature of V6.5

Tasks are something that has to happen on a certain day, but not at a certain time, i.e. a Follow up phone call. 

In the tasks tab you will see a check box to indicate if a task has been completed.

(no tasks have been completed in the above image)

The major advantage of  the way Calendar events, Activity notes and tasks are historical and centralised. This means reporting on historical records is simplified. Use the Reports menu to search the CRM database on Activity Notes, Calendar Events and Tasks.