Second Section displays Further Company Information.




To suit the needs of your business this second section is completely customisable.


The Contacts Tab





Legrand CRM does not restrict the number contacts linked to a company, therefore all key people and their position can be captured.


It is common practice that when a contact leaves the organisation rather than delete the contact from the database and subsequently losing all activity notes and task linked to the contact – simply amend the position to LEFT COMPANY.


On this screen you can easily update or view the primary contact marked with the check box.


When you right hand mouse click on a contacts name it give you the option to 'Drill Down' i.e view the contacts details, from this menu you are also able to add a number of different records (calendar Events, Tasks, Activity Notes, Opportunities, Customer Service records and Item Tracking) 



The Comments Tab





As mentioned this is usually where all vital static information that you need to know about the account is stored, when  data is entered here a notes icon will appear in the company detail banner.  


Why store information here and not in an activity note?

Activity notes are used for storing any interaction that you may have between a contact and yourself, therefore an  important email or phone call. 

As you have more and more interaction you will have more and more activity notes, therefore any important need to know now information about the account can be stored here in the comments section. 

This tab also lets you know who created the record, when it was created and who modified it last.

REMEMBER: These fields can be searched upon by placing the mouse over the field and then choose right click on the mouse. So if you see a record was modified today you can search to find all records modified today using  Quicksearch..


Info-1, Info-2 & Info-3 Tab


Nb. these tabs can be renamed using Administration > Configure Layout > Other Screen Captions 


Typically these Tabs and fields within are used to stored specific information that you are interested in capturing. Nearly all fields are available for Quicksearch


Any field that you see can be re-labeled and this function can be performed by the onsite Legrand CRM administrator. In addition the drop down fields can be  populated with information that you want and can be sorted alphabetically or in a custom sequence. Again adding values to the drop downs will be performed by the onsite Legrand CRM administrator.


For more details about setting up these user fields please see Custom fields and Tabs in Companies Module



(for images of Info-2 and Info-3 please see animated gif above)


Accounting Tab


The accounting tab will give you a detailed overview of the transactions from your Accounting system if the account is  in both systems and linked together. This is an example from a Legrand CRM database linked to all major accounting packages (eg MYOB, Quickbooks etc) please get in touch with customer support if you have any queries about specific packages.


If you click on Accounting Menu you will see a number of options including the option to update from or to your accounting package.



NOTE: This screen is from a database linked to MYOB EXO when using a different accounting package this screen will vary and in some cases offer more menu options.

Documents Tab


If there any documents that you want to store against the company they can be stored here.


To add a file you need to select the button Add, then you can choose the file by clicking on the ellipses […] near file name, which will open windows explorer.

To open a file you simply select it and double click it

If you are the administrator you can also add options to the drop down menu with the ellipse[...] button. The documents tab offers a search feature to find back documents linked quickly.

Group Members Tab

This tab allows you to identify the subsidiaries that are linked to a Head Office Account.

If you select any account from the list and double click on it, this will take you to that company record.

Click here for more information on the Group Members Tab