The first feature to bring to your attention is that any field label in blue text and underlined can invoke an action.

For example 

  • Phone will invoke the call out (should the system be connected to a telephone system)
  • Selecting company will allow you to search for another company record within Legrand CRM and bring that record up.
  • You can view the business in google maps using the View Map option.
  • You can also go directly to any web URLs that may be stored.


Access shortcuts to creating companies and contacts you can use this menu option 


 You must have the correct user permissions (ie be a local administrator) to access these features in Legrand CRM. 


Please note that you can update and change most of the field labels and field types (ie, text or dropdown)

Administration > Configure Layout > User field captions > and select companies from the drop down menu.




Here you can also select which fields are visible or read only (ie uneditable)  in this view and rename them by editing the User Caption field.

You can populate and customise the drop down menus by selecting the ellipsis (…) you must have the correct permissions for the ellipsis button to appear on your view.




You can use the Quick search function in the company screen as you can with many of the modules in Legrand CRM. Read more about Quick search here