Legrand CRM allows you to create Custom tabs with Custom Fields in the Companies, Contacts, Opportunities and Issues. To make the changes outlined in this section you must have the correct Legrand CRM local administrator permissions.

Firstly these tabs can be renamed using Administration > Configure Layout > Other Screen Captions 

To organise which fields you require and what type of fields they are  go to Administration > Configure Layout > User Field Captions > select companies from the drop down menu

Here you may choose from

  • 33 User fields  of type drop-down or text ( 3 must be drop-down User 7- User 9)
  • 9 Number fields (6 are drop-down, 3 are text)
  • 9 Date Fields
  • 6 Yes/ No fields (4 drop down, 2 text)
  • 3 Percentage fields 

To configure these customised fields enter your re-named Caption under User Caption.

Take note that you can also set that particular fields Visibility or Read Only status on this dialog box.

Administration > Configure Layout > Screen Layout > and select Company screen from the drop down 

Here you can organise the way the fields are display on the screen, though specifying the number of columns and rows, as well as the percentage (block) width that it takes up on the screen. If you notice that any of the field labels aren't displaying completely you can adjust the character width.

Finally you can populate or edit the drop down menu contents by selecting the ellipses(...) to the right of the drop down field.