Legrand CRM Companies module is where you will find a complete 360 degree view of activity of the companies that you have in your database.

You will be able to quickly find out when was the last time anyone in your organisation had contact with anyone in their organization.

Also when working with an Accounting Package that Legrand CRM interfaces with you can view financial summaries and an overview of the current and past transactions without the need to be logged into the Accounting Package.

Companies that you have stored can be quickly found back through quick searches, keyword retrieval, advanced searches and companies can be stored into temporary work lists that allow you to build custom lists of data and create customised fields to organised your data

The companies screen is divided into three sections.

Looking first at the company header screen

This section of the screen desccribes the basic details of the company. For more detail on this section see: Company Header

Second section displays Further Company Information.

To suit the needs of your business this second section is  able to be completely customised. for more details on this see Further Company Details

The final section of the screen shows all company interactions.

For more information on the Company Interaction section of the screen see Company Interaction screen.