If you attach a document (e.g. C:\Desktop\Main Document.doc) to Company A and give it a file description of “1st company document”, a copy of Main Document.doc is moved to the documents folder within the Legrand database, where it is stored within a folder with the companies’ unique ID. Now, if you were to Open this document through the Companies module>Document tab and make changes to the document, the copy of Main Document.doc stored in the Legrand database is modified – not the original copy in C:\Desktop\Main Document.doc. If the copy on the desktop were to be changed directly, these changes will not be reflected in the Main Document.doc already saved to the Company A’s records. However, if you were to attach a modified copy of the desktop Mail Document.doc to Company A and describe it as “subsequent 1st company document”, this will overwrite the originally copied file (“1st Company document”) with a fresh copy from the desktop. This is because both versions of the document (“1st Company Document” and “Subsequent 1st Company Document”) both have the same file name Main Document.doc. I.e., if you attach multiple versions of one document (all with the same file name) to a single company record, they will all be overwritten with the most recently modified copy. However, you can have the same file (main document.doc) attached to multiple companies – and modify the document through the Companies module>Document tab to have customized copies for each company. 

Note: Alternatively, you can create a Legrand Word Template, mail merge that template with contact information and attach it to that contact record. This would cause the mail merged copy of the document to be saved into the folder bearing the contacts unique ID in the “Letters” sub folder in the Legrand Database. 

When saving this mail merge document, you can change the “letter file name”, which will allow you to save individual copies of the mail merge document for each contact record.