The main purpose of the Web Capture function is to provide automated processing of information collected on your web site; e.g. 'Contact Us' type forms.

Typically the visitors who fill in a form on your web site are new prospects, but occasionally you may have an existing client who may use the form to request information on a new product.

When Legrand CRM processes the information supplied in the web form it will create a new Activity Note record containing all the information that was supplied in the web form.

The application will verify if the Company and Contact already exist in the database. The system performs this verification based on the combination of company name + city for the company data, and lastname + email for the Contact information.

If the records do not yet exist in the CRM database the system will create those records and populate them with the data collected on the web form. The newly created Activity Note record is then linked to the new Contact and Company records.

However, if there is a match on then LegrandCRM will instead add the Activity Note record to the existing company and contact records. Address and phone number information supplied in the web form will not be used to update the existing record in the CRM database (but that information will be contained in the Activity record).

The reason for not automatically updating the address details in the database record has to do with control and security. Literally anyone could update data in your CRM database if the system were to automatically process that information -- all one would need to know is the Company name and City location. This would be a security gap.

Instead we provide you with control over the process. The data that was submitted in the web form is stored in the Activity Note and, upon verification with the customer, one of your staff member can then make the requested update.