You can define different sales processes and stages to be used during those sales processes of your products via the Opportunity Processes found within System Administration.

It is common for different products to have different sales processes, for example high value products will probably require a more complex and longer process of selling compared to those low value products.

Every opportunity created within Legrand CRM is required to be linked to a sales process, the Opportunity processes within System Administration is a way of developing a staged strategy for every sales process.

Once your different sales processes are created and stages defined this will ensure all opportunities linked to those sales processes are handled in the correct manner.

The sales processes defined within opportunity processes will guide the end users through the various stages required and give management instant visibility to which opportunities are at which stage.

The sales processes are created within the following menu path Administration > Opportunities > Opportunity Processes

Once a sales process is defined stages must be created, these stages will only be used by the sales process they are linked to.

Once you have defined a sales process and developed the necessary stages for the sales process to follow you can then create opportunities and link them to the sales process.

End users within the opportunity will then have the option to "Progress to next stage" or "Regress to previous stage" within the opportunity detail.

Within the opportunity detail you will notice an option underneath called "Close Off".

When choosing this option the end user will be given 3 options.



No SaleĀ 

this is whereby you specify the outcome of the opportunity; however you can close off an opportunity at any stage within the sales process.