The Group Members tab allows users to keep track of linked companies such as parent companies and their subsidiaries or resellers and their clients.

To link a subsidiary to a parent company (or a group member to a group leader), navigate to the subsidiary company record in the Companies module, click on Info Tab1 and click on the drop down arrow next to the "Company Link" field. Click on the "Select Company" option from the pop up menu and search for the required parent company - then save changes to the record.

To view the subsidiaries of a parent company navigate to the parent company and click on the Group member tab. You can view all the linked subsidiaries in a list under the Group Member tab.

To Easily Navigate to the Parent Company while in a subsidiary company, go to the Info 1 Tab and click on the blue underlined CompanyLink field. This will navigate the application to the parent company record.

To Easily Navigate to any subsidiary Company while in the parent company record, click on the Group Members Tab, and double click on the required company displayed in a list within that tab.