Most fields within Legrand CRM allow you to invoke a quick search by placing the mouse over the field and then

perform a right click.  

A QuickSearch is a search on a specific field within the database.  To invoke the QuickSearch function you need to place your mouse over the field and right-click to bring up the pop-up menu, then choose the QuickSearch option.

For instance, to perform a QuickSearch on the City field you must right-mouse click over the field and select 'QuickSearch'

A window will pop up where you can specify your search criteria:  Contains, Does Not Contain, Starts With, Is Empty or Is Not Empty.

The 'is Empty' search is very useful to find any records that have missing data.  For instance, it is easy to find all the contacts that do not have an email address, or all the companies that do not have 'Type' assigned.

Please note that you can also perform a multi-value search.
For instance, in the example below we are searching for all the companies that are in USA states CA, TX or FL.

When you perform a QuickSearch on the postcode you can specify a postcode range.